Tuesday Special

10% OFF the check for wearing the LONG DOGGERS shirt, hat, onesie, anything!

If you purchase a LONG DOGGERS branded retail item, you get 20% OFF!

So Why Wouldn’t You Buy our stuff? Plus you’ll be the coolest kid on the block, beach, schoolyard, breakroom, or office!

Note: Villon Items that do not have a Long Doggers Logo on them do not qualify for dicounts

Note: This promotion does NOT include VILLON clothing items. It must be a LONG DOGGERS-specific t-shirt, hat, etc., that was purchased in one of our restaurants. Shirts that include our logo as a sponsor of an event also do not qualify.

No stacking or doubling of discounts. It is either 10% if you wear it in, 20% if you buy it. One 10% or 20% discount per check. Dine-in only.