Hours of operation – Monday-Saturday: 10:30am-11:00pm, Sundays 10:30am-10:00pm

Welcome to Long Doggers Radically Relaxed Grill and Brew where you can enjoy great food and great fun in a totally casual environment.

We currently have 6 locations in Brevard County to Serve you! We love our locals, and are fast becoming the spot for vacationers as well. We love all of the communities we serve, and you will see our staff out helping at High School Football games, fun runs, beach clean- ups, and anywhere else you see people having fun.

Our First Location was Indialantic, the pride and joy of our organization. This location is our smallest, and as we say, GREAT things come in small packages. We have live music, events and a very active facebook page for you to stay in touch with us.  

Post Road came along soon after, and we loved the fact that we were so close to the college scene.  Eastern Florida State University has become a great place for sports and learning. They have a ton of activities going on. Of course, one of the main features on the campus is The Maxwell Kings Center, where big name concerts and celebrities have graced the stage. Many of our locals come here before the show for a great dinner and cocktails. 

Satellite Beach was our next famous location. Close to the Community Center and the High School, Satellite Beach is one of those happening communities. Many of the folks there have lived there forever, and they provide a great foundation for Patrick Air Force Base and the larger corporations that have graced the town.  Satellite Beach hosts Run for Brews as well.. and if you have ever run through the streets of Satellite Beach, well, it is surely a treat.

Long Doggers came inland next, and went to Palm Bay. The largest City in Brevard County, and one of the economic drivers for the county.  We love our location, which is “technically” in West Melbourne, but we call it Palm Bay because we love the bay area so much. We host lots of car washes for our locals to raise money for the youth leagues, we have live music, and a gaggle of great locals who keep the party going.

Our next Stop was Viera. When we built Viera it was the largest of our locations. Lots of deck space and parking for our golf cart community, tennis players, and of course, the newly built Viera High School sports teams.  Tucked away off of Viera Boulevard, it has large sidewalks to get to and from the restaurant by bike, skateboard or golf cart.  At this location we also host Run for Brews on Thursday, and over 50 people have been known to come and participate.

Finally, and maybe not our last location is the great taj – mahal in Cocoa Beach. It is our only location with curbside to go service, and the largest of the locations.  We are really proud of the community of locals and tourists that grace Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral, and Merritt Island.  We host live music and fantastic events on the beaches, like surf contests, key lime festival, and many fun runs.

As you can see, we love our community. We love serving you. And we love that you have come to check out all that Long Doggers has to offer.