Jun 20

Long Doggers 20th Anniversary Beachside Bash

20th Anniversary Long Doggers Beachside Bash Party is SOLD OUT

We will keep you posted on where to get tickets!!  Long Doggers Restaurants will have 50 tickets per week to hand out to guests.

  1.  You’ll only get them if you ask for them at the restaurant, and we can only give one per customer.
  2. 98.5 The Beach Radio Station is also giving away tickets.
  3.  If you are signed up for the event through our Website:  www.Longdoggersbeachsidebash.com we will send you some other ways you can get tickets.

Finally, we have some events up our sleeves too.. Well, we don’t wear sleeves, so they are in our tank tops..

The Long Doggers Fire truck will be seen around town – you can grab some there, most likely with a frosty brewski.

We are going to have some events at the restaurants…

When you sign up we will keep you informed.  You don’t sign up? Well, you’ll just have to figure it out on your own.  The only way to be in the know of what is going on, is to sign up!

Here ya go!!

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